Linda Gorman
Santa Fe Artist - Poetry Art

"PoesyArt" is the fusion of edgy lyrical messages and photo-impressionistic imagery intended to evoke an emotional response and thoughtful action. Linda describes herself as a messenger of evocative thoughts that are delivered directly and honestly. Her fans relish her daring call to action, her recognition of responsibility leading to resolution, her affirmations about individuals' significance, even her simple respect for nature and meaning to one's life.

Linda is not out to impress you with erudition or cleverness but rather to speak from the heart in a simple yet moving fashion that nudges one towards constructive change. Her motto is simply "From the Heart, Expressed in Art". Linda eschews photo-realism, prefering instead to apply her artistic touch to complement the message that, after all, is the real purpose of her work. Ever since her early days at Paier School of Art, Linda has maintained her ideal is to leave this world a better place through art.

Each piece is a giclée print, either on canvas, or, for the "frameless-in-glass" version, on acid-free archival paper. Because of high detail and saturated colors associated with the process, giclée printing is rapidly becoming the premier method for fine art reproduction today. The professional inks she uses have a lightfastness rating of about 80 years. With the frameless-in-glass version, the art piece is sandwiched between two pieces of 1/4" beveled glass and sealed, providing even more protection from the environment. Her canvas pieces are produced with the same inks and are lightly sprayed with a clear UV protective cover especially formulated for giclée prints to provide further environmental protection.

You see here a small sample of her work. If you think you might enjoy one of her messages for yourself or a loved one needing to hear your thoughts in a gentle but unmistakable way you are invited to peruse her portfolio at her website,

If you wish to share a personal note you think Linda might appreciate in the context of PoesyArt philosophy, she welcomes your email:

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